Character Introduction: Leonardo


Lealta Kin Clan: Advisor/Scientist


Name: Leonardo

Turn Date: 75 AD

Sire: Archmedes

Mate: Robert Langdon

Leonardo was youngest son of a small Patrician. He was educated by the finest tutors, and had shown his gift in art and mathematics. His father encouraged his inventions and artistic endeavors.

He was apprenticed to an archetict who worked for Caesar to build new buildings for the glory of Rome. He watched in horror as many of them burned in 64 AD. In the following years he started to work on rebuilding areas that were destroyed.

It wasn’t until he started working on the Colosseum that he felt for once he was helping something grand for Rome.

He met Archmedes during this time, who had come to see the new constructions. The two became friends easily, though Leonardo’s frantic work and inability to rest had the older Greek worried. When he found Leonardo collapsed on his workshop floor, he nursed him back to health then gave him an option to be Turned.


Note: Yes we changed the image of Leonardo due to a rumor for the Assassins Creed movie – that kinda stuck and wouldn’t let go.

Image: Robert Downey Jr.

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  1. tuckercat2 says:

    Is Leonardo an ancestor of Tony Stark? Would follow, both genius. Love this so much! I am so happy to see mail from Sylum! Wish I could help! But I will gladly read and praise all the work you all do for this wonderful world.

    Will help!!!

    • Nicolaus Meridius says:

      Sorry so late just getting around to answering some comments.

      Yes Leonardo is ancestor to Tony Stark … and yes it fits considerably.

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