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Inspiration – Need Some?!

Inspiration – Need Some?!

After Bob 2’s Post on Character Motivation – I figured it would be good to have a post on Writer Inspiration.

As much as your Characters need motivation within the story.  You as the writer need to be inspired by the characters and their story – to find their own Motivation and in some aspects your own.

We can be inspired by many things: Place, Movie, Person, Event…

Here at Sylum the author’s need to be open to all inspiration, because one never knows where it will come from.



For instance: CSI Miami – where Sylum all began.  The death of Timothy Speedle was the inspiration for the beginning of this whole Universe.  Little did I know this is where we would end up, but still it was the starting point.  And we can’t forgot CSI and NCIS as the original Inspiration for all things Sylum.















Over time the Sylum Authors have found inspiration from all areas: Movie, Books, TV Shows, Animation, World History, World Events, and sometimes just an image.



How can anyone forgot some of these great movies that have inspired character and story.












It’s just not movies that inspire or TV Shows.  Places and People can be a major source of Inspiration.  Whether a building suddenly gives you that insight of what the Manor, Villa, House, Winery may look like, and you find yourself scribbling down notes, dimensions, and sketching/taking pictures of every detail so you can describe it on paper.



Or it’s a person who’s life story helps you focus on what you’re doing, giving you ideas on how to motivate your character, or hell even background information for a storyline.  Each of these things can inspire you as a writer, which in turn will give that scene some clarity and that character some depth.


Music can be a major Inspiration.  That piece of score or lyrics to a song – can Inspire a Bunny to go beserk at the worst possible moment.  It can help set the scene, put you as the write into the mode, and hit you in the heart/soul and make you feel your characters emotions.   Music as been very important in Sylum for Inspiration.  And I’m not just talking about the Graphic Gecko – who is evil and sitting behind me with his playlist demanding Videos to be Made. Ignoring the Gecko and getting back to what I was doing – oh yes Music as Inspiration.  I personally found scores as a good way to set scenes.  I’ve got playlists for characters, arcs, stories, and moments.  Writing a Hunter stalking through a club, had club music on.  Battle sequences had music from Transformers, Resident Evil, etc…

*Snags Computer*

Graphic Gecko here!! I ran off with the keyboard to post inspiring music for Bj and also for all the writers out there.  HA! Crap she’s found me…. Listen. Be Inspired……

*Snags Computer Back*


Now that I’ve locked the Gecko up!! *glares at it* Where was I – oh yes music!  There is many many pieces of music I could play to inspire – but this one has been the most recent.  Enjoy – and if you like the music let me know.  And of course anything by Linkin Park – makes the Graphic Gecko go batshit 😀



Let’s see we’ve covered Movies, TV Shows, People, Places, and Music.  So what else can be Inspiring?  Books?  Well Books are your original media for Inspiration.  It was books first that got people’s imaginations going.  Whether you were going to Narnia, Mordor, or to the Center of the Earth.  Books are also your greatest asset when it comes to Research and Inspiration.  Google is your friend, but your library is your best friend.   The many times I’ve pulled books off the shelf to check historical dates, locations, and events.  Or pulled up Maps to make sure that country existed at the time.    And as much as modern media (Movies and TV Shows) Books are still the great inspiration.  As a matter of fact  there is a recent book that despite my misgivings has been very inspiring for major storyline for Sylum.


Though if you think Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter changed major storyline – Let me tell you this.

Angels and Demons by Dan Brown

Between the book and the movie – This story has changed the course of Sylum forever!

 You think I’m exaggerating – wait till the story comes out (soon very soon).


So what’s left to be Inspired by? You love that favorite TV Show, or that Movie was just awesome!! There’s that favorite books series you’ve read since a kid.  And damn it every time that Band plays you can totally just see that scene.  You have a poster of that person who inspires you, and images of that place that makes you feel at home.  So what else can Inspire you? Video Games??? Yeah not the first place most would look for inspiration, but Games today are getting sophisticated  and it’s just not jumping over barrels to save the girl from the evil monkey (DIE MONKEY DIE – oh sorry flashback).


For Sylum there is already a major character that was inspired by Video Games that developed into a movie series.



But recently another character has began to emerge into the Sylum Universe.  He’s shown up here and there, but soon you will be seeing more of him.








Now that we’ve talked about the wide spectra of Inspiration.  What has Inspired Sylum?  I’ve mentioned a few throughout this post.  So what’s coming up in the future? What has Inspired enough to start major storyline.   Well lets see shall we?

Timothy Quinn’s – Demons and Angels – Inspired by: 


Bj Jones – Roads Untraveled – Inspired by: 


Then there’s this guy…..



And the latest Inspiration…..


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