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Demons & Angels is go!

Demons & Angels is go!

Busy.  Busy.

Busy busy.

And did I mention I was busy?

Tim is totally going to hate the Angels and Demons movie and just about anything associated with Dan Brown by the time we’re done with this but you know what?

It fits too perfectly into the Sylumverse for it not to go in there, and now is the time to write it because it ties up threads that need to be knotted before we can move onto the next thing.

It’s tedious, annoying and painful to write because it’s taking elements of the movie script *eyeroll* (still can’t believe that writer got paid so much money for such a shitty ass script!) and elements of the book *more dramatic eyeroll* which in and of itself contains plot holes big enough to drive and entire fleet of UPS trucks through.

So, here at Sylum we correct these little errors, these momentary lapses of confidence, these faux pas moments, these ‘let’s make the good guy the bad guy because no one will ever see it coming’ nightmare plot twists from hell that make you want to headdesk ’til next Tuesday, and we put them to rights.

End of story.

Full stop.

What’s next…?

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