Coffee House Friday: Advent Edition

Today is also Fruit Cake Day!

Yes? No? Hell No?

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7 Responses to Coffee House Friday: Advent Edition

  1. Norma Ryan says:

    Oh, yes –PLEASE!!!

  2. Jade/Methos says:

    Hell no!

  3. Paula Cas says:

    Only if it’s my mom’s whiskey cake recipe.

  4. d kallio says:

    oh yum

  5. William Brandt says:

    MeeMaw always used to make a rum soaked fruit cake with maple soaked walnuts that was amazing but other then that I’m not really a fan.

  6. Bayye Belle says:

    Yes, please! No alcohol though. My Mom hasn’t made one in quite a few years. But when she did, it was delicious…and heavy. But so good. It is the only version I like.

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