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Coffee House Friday


  1. najean1

    Goals for me: find a new place for the family to live(lease is up in May and we loathe this apartment complex!), get computer and printer set up to do more writing, get back to needlework and love my plants, cats, dog, friends, kids and grandkids.
    “Oh, and World Peace…” **G**
    —Naj 😀 😀 ❤❤

  2. I have some standing things related to writing (Get Your Words Out and Inking it Out) but this year, I’m going to express my progress on several fronts by making a progress quilt. Each month will have a quilt block (I need to settle on the design) that will represent what I did during the month. At then end, I’ll sew it all together. It’s my first time doing so we’ll see it goes.

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