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Coffee House Friday


  1. Sorry, it took awhile, but there are so many Vampires/Stories I would love to see even a snippet of, that it was hard to narrow it down. So my choice would be ANY ONE of these Five ~ 1) Brian O’Connor, 2) Jacob Jensen, Carlos Alverez & Jonathan Clavier, 3) Ernesto Olivetti, 4) Callum Lynch, Peter Quill & Aguliar, 5) Michael Weston,

    I look forward to reading whatever you write next. Thank You.

    {Runner Ups Included ~ Jacob Frye, Rick Grimes & Daryl Dixon, Paul Mallory, Erik Lehnsherr, Harry Hole & Ike, Nick Burkhardt, Lindsey McDonald, Hannibal King, Desmond Miles, Ahkmenrah & Larry Daley, Jonathan Carnahan… So Many Lovely Characters}

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