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Coffee House Friday


  1. We have always had a garden. Some years we had 2. Since my father is no longer physically able to help, hubby and I have taken over. We also buy a beef from a local farmer to have butchered for freezer meat. Our meat costs around $3 a pound. One of the effects from the past year is everyone proving country folks can survive. It’s still hard to find canning jars and lids. I think everyone dug out the family canning recipes to make sure their basements were filled with plenty of goodies.

  2. chinnowah

    I do have one, not a biiiig one but big enough to need a gardener for the regular work as I can’t do this anymore due to Fibromyalgia. But I love enjoying it and my dog does too (she’s always outside, aside from heavy rain, she loves to look who’s passing by, laying in the shadows now that it’s too warm for her). Some work I do, like watering and cutting the smaller ones. I can tell you, I am so lucky to live in a village of 450 inhabitants with a garden in contrary to live in the city of Hamburg in a flat without balcony. No masks outside, there are just not enough people in the streets to be a crowd (more than 3 LOL) and much place to keep my distance.

  3. najean1

    Ii live in a townhouse. I tried planting inground in the raised beds and soil areas last year, but we have a lot of pillbugs, white grubs and every other nasty plant eating bug you can image. I dug everything up and put them in containers.
    I am getting some beneficial garden nemetodes to water into the grounds and the containers to try and control them. Some plants will be coming indoors for the winter.
    I have four roses(one is a miniature), three peonies I just planted and a clematis. The small containers have a lot of plants that will be coming into the house to overwinter. I have a geranium, coral bells, echinacea, hyssop, bee balm, milkweed(for the monarch butterflies), lemon balm, thyme, parsley, mints(mountain, peppermint,and pineapple), coconut daisy, eucalyptus, yarrow, lantana, irish drop marigold, hibiscus sabdariffa and a carnivorus sarrecenia.
    I am hoping to get mugwart and mullein, but might have to wait for the fall.
    Oh, and the bulbs I have are gloxcenia(houseplants), miniature hollyhock and some white, purple-edged gladiolus.
    I love to garden: it feeds and sooths the soul. My mother, aunt, and grandparents taught me how to do it, and I am forever grateful to them.
    And that’s the epistle for today!
    —-Naj ❤❤

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