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Coffee House Friday

Coffee House Friday

Coffee House Friday


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Well it’s been a while since we had Coffee House Friday.

I was moving so everything else fail by the wayside.  On the brightside once things are settled should get back into the groove of things.

Today’s topic of discussion.


Give me your best and worst stories when dealing with a move.


  1. My worst move was when we moved from Pennsylvania to Texas. Imagine a mid size wagon with 3 adults, 2 kids (5 & 9 yrs old) and 2 large dogs. It’s at least 24-32 hour trip. Don’t touch me! She;s looking at me! and my personal favorite When are we going to get there?. We spent one night in a hotel room – one room and drove forever to get to Texas, the Houston area. My sister (the other adult) promised the kids coloring books and crayons if they would just be quiet. I think she still owes them the coloring book and crayons. It took so much longer because of bathroom breaks for the kids and then the dogs. We probably stopped at every rest stop and gas station from Pa. to Texas.

  2. Hmmm…. moving company wanted to move things in their order and not in the order we wanted. They broke contact with us on moving day and we had reserved 2 crews. So dad told them i expect my whole deposit back, and then get the heck out of my drive. We got the deposit back and rented a uhaul and did it ourselves instead of one day it took us 2 or 3 to do it. Its a good thing dad and took a weeks vacation and school hadnt restarted so mom was there too.

  3. Sinéad Leahy

    Moving from work in Germany back home to Ireland. Big shipping container with all the worldly processions we had at the time. That happened two weeks before we actually left Germany… Spent 2 weeks in a hotel (yes!! loved living in a hotel)…the drive to Ireland, from Baden-Baden in Germany to Louth in Ireland…NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER again. There was nearly a divorce and a murder…never so glad to hear an Irish accent in Rosslare Port, welcoming us back to Ireland…but still had to wait a further two weeks for the container to appear. If there is a next time… Take only the essentials and fly…

  4. I had to move out of where I was living in Boston MA Memorial Day weekend. The BF and I had decided to move in together but the apt we signed the lease for wasn’t available until the first of the month. So he loaded his camping stuff in the minivan, drove from where he lived (which was about a half hour from the new place) picked up me and my stuff and we went camping for the weekend.

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