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Coffee House Friday


  1. I’m still using a cane, so … I’m about to limp to the woods behind the house for a good primal scream before knocking the two human males in the house heads together. I logically know my dad’s memory problems lead to his behavior around my husband (I don’t think he remembers him sometimes), but hubby fighting the whole battle of being an alpha and trying to be understanding for my sake. Other than that … Things seem busier because it still takes me longer to navigate what I need to get done. *sigh*

  2. najean1

    Still here. Still nuts.– **checks outside window** — at least no squirrels and chipmunks out to get me todsy. However, the dayis young yet. (I have to put food out for them!)
    —-Naj 😀 ❤❤❤

  3. HI,
    I’m doing ok! Waiting on what the doctors going to do on replacing my knees. Right one is really bad and HURTS! Don’t know if they will do one at a time or both at same time.

    Babysitting my beloved granddaughter Harper who’s going to be 2 on November 21st. I keep an eye on my 2 older grandchildren. Jayden 14 and Brooklyn 12. Who are doing school on Zoom. They are home with me and Harper!

    Hope I’m not down to long with my knees I don’t want to be missing my grands!❤️

    Hope everyone here is doing well too!❤️

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