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Favorite Animated Film?

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  1. luminousblade says:

    For Disney it’s Mulan followed by Brave and for Anime, it’s Howl’s Moving Castle followed by Spirited Away.

  2. BayyeBelle says:

    Disney’s Brave, Sing, The Incredibles 1. Spirited away? Oh yes,now I remember! I haven’t watched that in ages!

  3. najean1 says:

    Oh boy, here I go dating myself again…. My all time favorites are Sleeping Beauty and the original Fantasia. (I just love The Dance of the Hours sequence with the crocodiles and the hippo ballerinas: an absolute hoot!)
    My more current favs are Brave, Lilo and Stitch, and How to Train Your Dragon.
    —-Naj 🙂

  4. Wilhelm Brandtenstein says:

    Mulan will always have a special place in my heart because it was the first movie I saw with my daddy.

  5. Jade/Methos says:

    Rise of the Guardians

  6. Sonia Costoya Rodriguez says:

    Fantasia for Disney and Princess Mononoke, but I have a soft spot for Ice Age 1.

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