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Coffee House Friday


  1. Wilhelm Brandtenstein

    My wife is a very emotional person and I am a very emotionally repressed person so we are calling it a good week if she only cries once. That said we are completely redecorating our townhouse because this morning she burst into tears and said she hated everything. I am beyond ready to go back to work

  2. Everyone in the household is fine health wise. Luckily we have an acre of ground around us, so enough room to go out and scream without someone calling the cops. LOL Saving lots of gas since we only go out for groceries or if I need to mail a customer’s order.

  3. najean1

    Oy! My life really hasn’t changed all that much except fo doing visits with my PCP over the phone and my visits with my psych and therapists via Blue Jean’s. (Wow learned how to do that and not screw it up…much! tee-hee) My daughter is working at Amazon and doing extra hours when she can. My granddaughter and I have planted tomato seeds — and boy do we have seedlings! Some of them have put out their first true leaves. Her chives are starting to sprout as well. Since we moved to a townhouse a few months ago, we have small bed and I am planning a flower garden, maybe some raspberries. When my stimulous check comes in, I am ordering four David Austin Rose’s from the US branch if the company, putting in bird and butterfly annuals, a small shade garden (very small). A lot of plants will be in containers which my friend Nancy gave me. She said, “Thank you, Naj, I’ve been trying to offload these on someone for years!” Oh, and I ordered a green rose from Antuque Rose Emporium. Like the David Austin Rose’s, I’ve wanted one since I saw one when I lived in Canyon Country 26 years ago.
    Sorry, long winded as usual.
    And, if course reading my favorite Sylum stories.
    Stay well. loves, we will get through this horror—we’re Sylum members after all!
    Love you!
    —-Naj ♥️♥️♥️

  4. Rachel Oberlin

    Nothing new for me either. I go to work a bit earlier (at the crack of 6:00 pm instead of 6:15 pm) so I can change into my work uniform for the hospital ED. I get stopped at the door to get questioned about my health, was I in contact with someone with COVID (I’m the secretary of a small community hospital, so that would be only through the nurses mostly), and get my temperature checked. It’s been so cold in Michigan that they have to use the scanner on my wrist, which amuses me more than anything. Other than wearing the heavier N-95, my work stays the same. Since Michigan State is trying to figure out a way of decontaminating the N-95 masks and my hospital is affiliated with them, we are saving them to be brought back when the process is over. Here’s to hoping it works.

    On the home front, Dad and I are calm about the whole thing. Mom has had moments where her anxiety gets the better of her about us dying because of where I work and Dad’s risk factors. She’s more scared of what will happen to her. I told her that it was more likely that she would pass as well if she did catch it and I would have to call the family and tell them I passed it on to both of them and killed them because of where I worked. At the time we hadn’t had any suspected cases go through, but now there has been. And, yes, precautions are being taken by all of us. Right now, my family is “Let go and let God”. I have seen more trouble with the flu than COVID, but caution is still warranted.

    Right now, 6tyk5tlI’m more in agreement with my fellow Michiganders who went to Lansing in Operation Gridlock to protest Governor Whitmore’s Executive Orders. They are too strict and too late for the problems we are facing right now.

  5. I was one of the people who needed to go into the office until Tuesday when my company finally figured out how to get my job as a work from home. It’s been a wild ride.

    So far, neither me or Hubby have been sick, but my company reported 3 positives for my building, so paranoia abounded. My desk was very, very sanitized on the regular.

    Other than that? Trying to sleep. Maybe write. Try not to obsess over the bullshit. And not give myself alchhol poisoning while trying to stay calm.

    The usual

  6. I’m fine. So are my grandchildren and their parents. I miss them. I see them at least once a week. Video chat with them usually twice a week. My Dads good too I see him at least twice a week. My sisters and friends I call or we Facebook or FaceTime.

    Reading. Watching movies. Tried not to over eat! That’s the hard one! LOLOL. !

    Hope all of you are well! Stay safe! ❤️

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