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What is your favorite film music score?

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  1. najean1 says:

    Boy, this is a hard one! I am a musician, and acted in local musicals for years. I can’t decide between the bunch of them.
    I am going to have to say anything by John Williams. I loved his scores for Superman, Star Wars, Jurassic Park and Harry Potter. All his scores. **sigh**
    —-Naj 😀

  2. BayyeBelle says:

    Oh wow that’s got to be hard. Ok…This one is popping up now: the Avengers, the lst movie. The hopeful team movie before It all went to crap. Najean1 is right about John Williams though. Anything by john Williams is gold. I’d add Danny elfman, michael giacchino too. I know there’s more score writers I love but these I remember now.

  3. Paula Cas says:

    My mother loved musicals, so I have no one favorite. Some of my favorites … Victor Victoria, The King and I, Cabaret, Rocky Horror, anything John Williams. Brother Where Art Thou, The Electric Horseman …

  4. DocJanet says:

    When I was a child, my mom bought me a new record player (yeah, I’m *that* old) and some records to go with it. One of them was the soundtrack to “Car Wash”. I still remember it. As for more *modern* soundtracks, I’m with najean1 – John Williams is, quite justifiably lauded as the ‘King of Soundtracks ‘ and his music is outstanding. Other faves are the music from the Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit movies. One soundtrack I fell in love with *sitting in the theater watching the movie* was the music for ‘The Black Panther’. Ludwig Göransson and Kendrick Lamar didn’t miss a step with the soundtrack at all.

    • DocJanet says:

      Oh! I forgot! ALL of the fanmixes/soundtracks for Sylum. I have a couple on CDs I burned myself. I play them in the car a lot, especially on longer drives. I couldn’t pull out a fave from that list though… 😉

  5. Sonia Costoya Rodriguez says:

    Every soundtrack by Vangelis from “Chariots of fire” to ” Alexander” and everything in between!

  6. kendermaus says:

    The instrumental soundtrack i tend to go back to is “The Crow”. It’s dark and gothic and very evocative. I also remember loving the soundtrack for “Star Trek the Motion Picture” but i lost the record long ago and haven’t replaced it.

    Those are just two off the top of my head.

    That’s not counting the broadway soundtracks for “The Scarlet Pimpernel” and “Phantom of the Opera” or the movie soundtracks for “The Man From UNCLE” (the new movie), “Sweeney Todd” and “The Mask” (don’t judge me …. i like the bouncy/swing/big band sound that silly littke movie has. The only Jim Carey movie i actually liked) Also like the “Lord of the Rings” movies and WAY TOO MANY musicals to list….

    Can you tell i’m a Music kid?

  7. Kathy59 says:

    This is real easy “The Magnificent Seven”

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