Coffee House Friday

Sylum's Coffee House Image

For those who participate in Lent.

What have you given up?

Or did you decided to do something else?

Like start to build a good habit?

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3 Responses to Coffee House Friday

  1. Katie Moon says:

    I’ve given up giving stuff up lol.

  2. Sinéad Leahy says:

    Don’t normally give up anything, but this year, we’ve decided to do the declutter for Lent!
    Donate 40 items for 40 days, though we have the 40 items already from clearing out our closets! But we’ve committed so only 37 days to go!

  3. najean1 says:

    I am trying to give up fear and worry. A strange set of things, I know. But it would make my life much less stressful, and that is better for me and for my overall health.
    —-Naj 🙂

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