Coffee House Friday

Sylum's Coffee House ImageGoing with the travel theme … the one place you want to go?

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  1. William Brandt says:

    I’ve been super lucky in that I’ve gotten to go to a few places already but for sure I wanna go to Germany. I’ve always wanted to go because it seems so pretty and there is so much culture there.

  2. Paula Cas says:

    Hubby was stationed in Mainz during the 80’s and has always wanted to take me. Many of my ancestors came from the Baden area. My one place to go would be Ireland. Hubby and I are only 3 or 4 generations from Clare, Limmerick, Derry and Belfast.

  3. Jade/Methos says:


  4. Antoinette says:

    Around the world cruise

  5. d kallio says:

    Its a toss up between Norway and Finland. One side of the family is Norwegian. And the other is Swedish/Finnish. We never have combined family reunions

  6. najean1 says:

    Ireland. My great grandfather im.migrated to the U.S. as a young man. The green hills call to me…..
    —Naj 🙂

  7. Sonia Costoya Rodriguez says:

    I’d love to see a sunrise AND sunset in/on the Grand Canyon.

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