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Coffee House Friday

Coffee House Friday

Coffee House Friday

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Remind: Day Light Savings Time this Weekend!! Turn those Clocks forwards an Hour this Saturday Night!

And for the discussion of the day.

What show as a kid do you miss the most?


  1. Fury – a black stallion that belonged to a boy. What it entailed I don’t remember, but I never missed a show. It was rel people and not cartoons. I usually watched the shows that were with people. Lone Ranger, Roy rogers, Gene Autry, Robin Hood, Tarzan and so on.

  2. LadyComet

    I miss this cheesey Nickeloden show from the very early 90’s that nobody seems to remember called “Round House,” I think… It was part sketch comedy part dance sketches and I just remember wishing I could do something like that when I got older. I can’t but I sure can read a mean story.

    1. LadyComet

      You can watch He-Man and She-Ra on Netflix. It also might show up on one of your local NBC “extra” programming stations at 5AM on Saturday. At least it does were I live but it is like channel 500 something on cable. I don’t know what it would be through rabbit ears. I love to go back and watch eps of both shows.

  3. Annette Freisinger

    When I was 10 or so I watched the Original Battlestar Galactica, The Greatest American Hero, The Tomorrow People, Space 1999. I miss Sid and Marty Kroft shows like The Land of the Lost, The Banana Bunch? ( I think some of it was filmed at Disney Land) The Partridge Family, The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew shows with Parker Stevenson and Shaun Cassidy and Pamela Sue Martin. They were good shows and some you can’t get on DVD yet darn it.

  4. Gil Grissom

    I guess I was a little bit of a weird kid, because I don’t remember any of the kid shows I watched, other than Saturday morning cartoons (Looney Toons mostly). None of them really resonated with me though I vaguely have impressions of familiarity when some are brought up. The shows I remember most watching were MASH, Family Ties, and The Cosby Show, and reruns of Star Trek.

  5. I used to watch loads of stuff when I was a kid, but most of them are shown either as late night reruns or I have the DVDs (which I only bought so I can give my niece a proper education on decent kids’ TV, obviously!) so I don’t miss many of the shows. The one I do miss is Silas which was a really random German show about a boy who ran away from the circus and went off having adventures with his horse. I think they only ever ran it here the once (I’ve never met anyone else who saw it, but it’s on IMDB so I didn’t conjure it up lol) and there were apparently only ever 5 episodes but I do miss that show!

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