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Clan Location: Camelot

Clan Location: Camelot

Camelot Clan


I know a few people were likely wondering how Camelot Clan’s location ended up in the SouthWest of England.

Tintagel is the birthplace of Arthur Pendragon, so it was only fitting their first home was at the famous location.  Unfortunately, the area is eroding into the sea, so they had to find a new location, which how they ended up at St. Michael’s Mount.

In non Sylum world this is actually a private residence, mixed in as a Heritage Site.  So yes you can tour it, but only the gardens and older sections.  So everything we’ve described about the place is real.

Though St. Michael’s Mount is the main home, they do have other clan locations in Scotland & Ireland, especially as a few members stay in those areas full time.   They also have a variety of business and residences in London.


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