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Clan Check In

Clan Check In

We’ve had a lot of natural disasters and events.

So I’m sending a call out to the clan to check in, let us know you’re okay.


  1. My home, my son’s home, and my sisters’ homes all were spared damage. People in this area (south side of Houston – 20 miles off of Galveston Island, are still digging out, literally digging out. The rivers flooded my boss’ river home. It had 26″ of standing water and it was 5-6 days for the water to recede. They were left with 6″ of river sludge in the bottom floor. It also covered the grass and the roads making it difficult to move around.

    Three blocks away from the office I work in, the offices and homes had water up to the roof and in some areas, over the roof, of many structures. The items the owners lost was dragged out and sits along side the curbs. The houses are almost hidden behind the ruined furniture, warped wood from floors, carpeting, appliances along with bags of food, clothes and sadly keepsakes.

    In all this destruction, there were those who came out in boats, large trucks and on foot to help those stranded and trapped in their homes and vehicles . So many came out and did what they set out to do and then went home with little to no fanfare Just the tears and hugs from those they helped. There were those on horseback that herded cattle from flooded fields to a fenced in area above the flood waters. Horses lead out of fields and barns, dogs carried from homes by those neighbors and strangers who had a heart to and the ability to help. The wild life also rescued, as men in boats pulled from the water exhausted deer taking them to drier ground. Every where we look we can see the ravages left by Harvey, but we also see people helping each other.

    I hope everyone is okay that had to deal with Irma. I can not imagine what you have gone through! She came right over top of the Keys and continued up Florida. It seemed that she covered the whole state! My thoughts and prayers are with those dealing with Irma, Harvey and the wild fires that burn in so many states.

  2. William Brandt

    I’m okay. Pensacola was in the danger zone for a little while but it seems that Irma decided to pass us by with just some wind and a little temperature difference. Honestly the biggest issue is that the base was shut down to anyone but nonessential personal which meant that I couldn’t go to class on Monday. This would’ve been fine had I not had a test today. But they just pushed our schedule so we will take parts 1 and 2 tomorrow and then we’ll be back on track.

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