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Character Introduction: Kurt Wallander

Character Introduction: Kurt Wallander


Mod: Second-in-Command


Name: Kurt Wallander

Turn Date: 1531 AD

Sire: Hamlet

Mate: Horatio


Kurt was not the son his father wanted, he didn’t follow in his footsteps, instead set out his own path as a soldier. He ended up ‘policing’ the area and finding those who committed crimes against the village.

His wife died in childbirth with their only child, the child died not soon after. He never remarried and had a reputation of living outside the ‘society’.

It was Hamlet who found him. Having been shocked by a letter from his old friend Horatio, that a descendant in the family had survived.

When Hamlet gave him an option to do something with his life, he took it.


Image: Kenneth Brannagh

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