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Character Introduction: Carl Casper

Character Introduction: Carl Casper


Sylum: Member


Name: Carl Casper

Turn Date: 2015 AD

Sire: Happy Hogan

Mate: Inez Casper


Miami-born Carl Casper is the head chef of Gauloise in Brentwood, California. While popular with his kitchen staff and hostess Molly, the restaurant owner Riva wants Carl to stick to tired “classics” rather than innovative dishes. Carl has a strained relationship with his tech-savvy preteen son Percy and wife Inez (the two are in a trial separation).

When Carl has a chance to prove his talents during a visit from prestigious critic and blogger Ramsey Michel, Riva demands that he to stick with old favorites at the last minute, causing Carl to concede, leading to a scathing review. On Twitter, Carl insults Ramsey, not realizing that his reply is public, and gains a large Twitter following. Carl comes up with an inspirational new menu that his staff loves and invites Ramsey to a “rematch”. After a confrontation with Riva, Carl walks out, quitting. At home, he prepares the menu he wanted to serve to Ramsey, goes to the restaurant, and angrily berates Ramsey.

Videos featuring Carl’s meltdown go viral, and his professional credibility evaporates. Molly and Inez encourage him to run a food truck. He accepts Inez’s invitation to Miami, where he spends some quality time with Percy and rediscovers his love for Cuban cuisine. Inez’s father offers him a dilapidated food truck, and Carl reluctantly accepts. He and Percy bond while restoring the truck and buying groceries and Carl buys him a chef’s knife. Martin, his friend from Gauloise, turns down his restaurant promotion to work with Carl, who has become an exuberant and passionate chef again.

The three drive the food truck across the country back to Los Angeles, serving top-quality Cuban sandwiches and yuca fries. Percy finds ways to promote the food truck on social media websites, and the truck becomes successful in New Orleans.

It was while in New Orleans he finds out there is more to life than food.

He’s invited along with Gaullist and Percy, to Sylum Manor. It’s where he meets Nico Meridius, who wanted him to train his kitchen staff how to make the proper Cuban Sandwich. He also sits him down and explains a situation that Carl has now found him in.

It would seem his father had an affair with another woman, and had another son. None of this shocked Carl. His brother though is Happy Hogan, the bodyguard to Tony Stark. And now that Carl is ‘famous’ it wouldn’t be surprised that Stane or others would use him to get to Happy.

Carl overwhelmed with the situation asks to see Happy.

The two are surprised at how much they look alike. They sit down for a long time to discuss everything.

In the end Carl decides to be Turned.


Note:  As the new wiki is being built (almost there…almost there) bios of Characters are inputted who’ve been Turned up to 2015.  So you’ll see some new characters that will impact storyline.  Carl Casper is one of them.  He will actually have a roll in one of the Advent Stories.

Image: Jon Favreau

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