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Character Answers: Dean Winchester (Take 2)

Character Answers: Dean Winchester (Take 2)



Can’t believe we missed an important question for Dean. *click to read previous interview*

*Searches Manor, only to find him back in the kitchen eating Pie where we found him the first time.*

*Slides across from him*

Dean: Didn’t I already speak to you.

Interviewer: Yeah, well one of the questions that was supposed to be in the last interview got misplaced, so here I am again.

Dean: *eats his pie* So what is it? My favorite sexual position?  Boxer or Briefs? What do I find romantic? Do I feel guilty for fucking my brother?

Interviewer: Well if you’re volunteering ….

Dean: *evil sly grin*

Sam: DEAN!

Interviewer: *startles and looks up at Sam wondering where he came from*  Or we could just stick to the questions.

Dean: *shrugs and finishes off his pie*

Interviewer: So how does it feel now to have so many fathers?

Dean: *sets fork down and pushes away plate*  It’s weird.  I mean dad was and will always be dad.  He was a good dad, despite what Sam says.  Yeah he wasn’t PTA, take your kid to work, or baseball game on Saturday type of dad.  But he kept us safe.

Interviewer: And Clay?

Dean: Well that’s just weird.  I mean he looks just like dad.  I could get my head around Bobbie, he was like another parent while growing up.  And looking back I can see him trying to be the dad we needed, when John wasn’t around.  So finding out he was actually my dad in a past life, is kinda cool.  But Clay, well it’s hard to get my head around – I mean I look like his kid, and he looks like my dad.  Knowing how I .. his son died it is the stuff of nightmares.

*Sam came in and sat down next to Dean*

The talking French thing is annoying yet cool.  And he’s a nice guy.  His Mates are nice, Jensen sends me birthday cards so that’s kinda cool.

Interviewer: And Van Helsing.

Dean: *rolls his eyes* It’s like dad by default.  He’s Mated to John so it’s like having two dads and the fact they are both my ‘dads’.  Van Helsing is cool, the ferret is awesome.  Over all we get along.

Interviewer: So you’re good with all the dads?

Dean: *shrugs* yeah it’s nice to talk to someone else sometimes.  And Nico is a good dad-in-law so that’s good.

Interviewer: And your favorite?

Dean: *snickers* Grandpa Eddie though never tell him I said that.



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