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Auditions: Sylum Characters

Auditions: Sylum Characters

As Belt has been appointed Emissary to find new Sylum Characters, he’s set out to do auditions!

We do these call outs every couple of years, to see what fandoms, characters – people would be interested in adding to Sylum.

We’re looking this time around for more diverse and woman characters.

Note: Please don’t suggest Black Sails (we’ve heard it was great but I’m dealing with enough pirates!)

Do not just reply with – Ohhh ‘so and so from such and such’ would be awesome!  We need more information than that.

So fill out the below form, with the relevant information.

We’ll be reposting this a few times over the next few weeks.

Deadline for adding characters to the Audition: August 30th


  1. Val

    There’s a character I’m thinking of adding who comes from the TV adaptation of an Australian book series. I haven’t read the books, but I have seen the show, and I understand that it takes some liberties with the original source material. Is it okay to suggest the TV show version?

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