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Are you not entertained?

Are you not entertained?

What do you go see a film for?

Be honest here, okay?

We all WANT to say we go to see a great, deeply moving, character inspiring epic that stirs our emotions and inspires our lives.


Get real here.

We go to be entertained.

We go to be lifted out of our boring, routine, infinitely predictable little lives, and pay money for the privilege of a few moments when we can forget the bullshit we’re surrounded by.

Doesn’t get any easier than that, does it?

Whether we love sci-fi, historical drama, sappy romance, it’s all the same.

We want to be entertained.

Even if we think we just sat through 2.5 hours of total bollocks, we still want that moment when we can be anything, anywhere.

We might think what we saw was improbable, unreal, surreal, and ridiculous.  It might have plot holes big enough for a fleet of Autobots hotly pursued by Decepticons, to flee through several times over, but still we go.

Yes, we might write fanfiction afterward to correct the errors, we might bitch about it, and we might get upset at it all and claim we can do it better.

But unless we really do go out there and do it better, maybe we should shut the hell up and be thankful to all those hundreds of thousands of people who helped bring movies to life, and who cry every day of their lives…


Sylum is full of movies.

Some are pretty cool, some are totally awesome, some are butt squirmingly awful.  But they’re there.

Sylum is a place for equal opportunity offenders.

Movies are glorious.

Sometimes they even change us.

We never stop going to the movies, despite home cinema, Blu-Ray, surround sound, and glorious 58″ hi def.

Let’s never stop going.

For we all need to be entertained.

And we love it.


  1. I agree! I happen to like movies where the hero comes through without a hair out of place and suit still white. Unbelievable yep, only ones I enjoy, nope. But hey I go to be entertained and feel good. I love this started because of Speeds untimely (and oh so wrong) death. I want the good guys to win. I love this arc because I like the characters. They are real and entertaining at the same time. No cardboard cutouts but people that feel deeply and do the right thing.

    THANK YOU again for so many enjoyable evenings (and late nights) spent reading the tales of vampires, the good guys!!!

  2. Bj Jones

    You buy a ticket to be entertained.

    You sit in a dark theatre to be taken to a new world.

    Not every movie will move you. Not every movie will be an Academy Award Winner. Not every movie will change your life.

    But every movie will entertain you.

    Even if it’s a bad movie you’re entertained. Even if it’s snarking at the screen and eye rolling through the whole thing.

    Besides Sylum is here to fix the mistakes and make even the bad movies … good.

    PS: So have Maximus in my head now with the ‘Are you not entertained!’

  3. Jensen

    On the slightly shallow side: Some also go to the movies for the actors in it 🙂

    Admittedly though, I do want to be entertained at the same time and for the most part rarely care who’s in it.

  4. Jen

    The eloquent truth as ever. 🙂 I don’t even bother to claim that I watch movies for the thought-provoking content or the uplifting message of hope and inspiration. Screw that. I want to be entertained. Gimme a bunch of hot guys or girls kicking ass, strutting it up – with explosions. Explosions are good. A lot of them.

    Not to say that I shoot up constantly with straight Michael Bay or anything. I have a huge list of documentaries on Netflix of everything from history to sci-fi, politics and global issues. Bot sometimes… you just need to see something go “boom!”, ya know?

  5. Bj

    I’ve gone to movies for so many reasons…….mostly to be entertained. Action and hot guys or a good laugh. Give me a good Disney flick any day. I have enjoyed a good historical flick or two as well.

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