Nothing is True. Everything is Connected.
And now for something completely different…

And now for something completely different…

So whilst trying to focus on the Frozen Bunny from the outer reaches of ‘Fuck You Bob You Sonofabitch’ – currently located somewhere south of the thriving metropolis of ‘What The Actual Crap’ and to the west of ‘Get The Hell Away From Me’ – I have a massive pile of fresh bunnies just arrived from the coastal plains of ‘Look What I Have’, which should be torched immediately.

Meanwhile on the riverbank of ‘Let Me Just Dangle This Little Nugget In Your Face’ comes Sanguen Vitae, which is already on the back burner three times over at least.

And up the mighty rocks of ‘Edit This Now Before You Go Up The Hill And Come Down The Bunny Mountain’ stands a whole growing shed load of other stuff that I don’t even want to think about despite all attempt at honest to God enthusiasm.

One day, I shall simply walk into Mordor and throw that damn ring the fucking volcano…

Wait.  Wrong script.

Where was I?

Oh yeah, there’s also an intriguing idea from the tar pits of ‘But This Person Needs A More Interesting Past Life’ that are bubbling into the craters of a Revolutionary mess that is more tangled than the proverbial briar patch.

Noooo! Please don’t throw me in the Briar Patch….!!!

Okay got distracted there for a second, somewhere around the spooky caverns of ‘Lost My Focus’ and the swampland of ‘But This Could Be Really Fun Over Here’.

I need chocolate.



Wait, alcohol first then chocolate.

And maybe 25 hours in the day at least, but that’s not going to happen until we reach the wooded hillocks of ‘You Have A Deadline To Make’ and the fetid marshes of ‘I Don’t Care If Three People Put That Comma In The Wrong Place I Want It THERE!’.

So off again to climb the rugged cliffs of ‘You Will Never Get That Done’ to the lofty peak of ‘Kiss My Ass You Evil Rabbit’.  And onward across the burning sands of ‘You Want To Do WHAT In That Clan’ to the clear, crystal lakes of ‘Where Is My Dictionary’ and the headdesking battle of ‘I Hate Microsoft Word’ and ‘Get Thee Behind Me You Piece of Shit’ to the welcome rest at last of the well of ‘So That’s That One Done Now What About Tackling The Other One…’

~This moment of insanity brought to you by Evil Bob2 who is clearly off his meds today.


  1. Jensen

    You do realize there is chocolate alcohol and chocolates with alcohol so you really don’t have to choose on that front. Just saying.

    Also, I’m missing a bunny, and I really hate to say this, but if you see him can you send him back.

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