Afternoon Fic: Next Story – Poll

So there are few options for the next Afternoon Fic.

A) Part Three to the Erik/Charles AU … basically story movie three but with the idea that Erik was shot in Cuba instead of Charles, and how it’s changed their Universe.

B) Erik/Charles back story from the Dragons AU

C) A rework of a Sylum Story – basically the Mac/Danny storyline.

Vote below:

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6 Responses to Afternoon Fic: Next Story – Poll

  1. luminousblade says:

    *cries* but I want them all! *runs off sobbing and yelling about it being unfair*

  2. Paula Cas says:

    I, too, want all three, but after headesking for several minutes I finally picked one.

  3. taibhrigh Resident Artist says:

    Here, have a cute, tiny, little, fluffy bunny.

  4. Tuckercat2 says:

    I pick C. Or maybe, B? But A…. Okay I go with C. Thank you!

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