Afternoon Fic: Mac/Danny Sylum Story – Part 3

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Danny slammed the door shut, only to have it pushed back.  Two of Sonny’s boys were in his apartment before he could blink, with Sassone closing the door gently.  “Don’t want to wake the neighbors.”

“What the fuck do you want?”  Danny eyed the three as they made a semi circle around him.  

He quickly cataloged his apartment, figuring the best weapons that were at hand.  The knives in the kitchen were to far, and had at least one goon in the way. The spare gun, in his bedside table, was behind him, but it would take some maneuvering to get to it.  The baseball bat was tucked into the corner between the bookcase and wall, more importantly within reaching distance.

“You. It’s always been you.”  Sonny gave him a sadistic grin.

“That’s not creepy or anything.”  Danny snarked at him. “You can’t have me.  I got out of the Tanglewood Boys legally according to your fucked up rules.  I’m out.”

“Ya’know you were promised to me by your father.”  He moved around the small apartment, taking in the humble furniture.  It was cozy, typical New York bachelor who worked too many hours and not enough money.  Everything was hand me downs, worn but comfortable. The only parts that looked expensive was the massive book collection.  But then, Danny was always a geek.

“Well I wouldn’t take much faith on my father’s word.”  He dodged left, grabbed the bat and held it loosely in his hands.  “Get out.”

“Think that piece of wood is going to stop us?”  Sassone smirked at him, just as one of the goons rushed the CSI.

Danny shifted to the left, while bring up the bat and swung it downwards into the guys knee.  He then brought it back around, slamming it into his chin, knocking him flat out. It danced in his hand, twirling slightly, until it stopped ready for the next victim.

Sonny hated to admit he was impressed.  

Danny had always surprised him.  Never quite the Messer anyone expected, yet had skills that any Messer would’ve wanted.  He was smart, sarcastic, could make people laugh, and fight dirty.

The fact he graduated with honors, would’ve made most parents happy, but Papa Messer just thought it was embarrassing.  Sonny actually gave the kid credit, he did what no one though he could do, walked away.

But the problem was – Daniel Messer was his, was promised to him the moment Paul Messer realized the kid wasn’t the son he really wanted.

The second goon was on Danny faster than he anticipated.  He was able to get one good swing, before the bat was yanked from his grasp then broke in two.  For a moment he stood blinking at the sight, trying to calculate the amount of force needed to actually snap a bat in half.  Then he moved, dove over the couch, knocking the coffee table the crash of the bottle of scotch was heard as he ran for the bedroom area.  With a quick dodge left, the goon overshoot him, and slammed into the wall, Danny was able to slide across the bed, yank the drawer open and pull his gun.

He turned and fired, taking the goon down with a single shot to the chest.

Danny took calm breathes as he turned the weapon on Sonny.  “Get the fuck out of my house.”

Sonny gave him a slow clap. “Well done.  I honestly didn’t think you had it in you.”

“You would be surprise what I’m willing to do.”  He growled, he was not going to let the rat bastard win, and if Sonny happened to win, he knew Mac, despite their differences, would hunt his killer down.

“You think the cops are going to save you, no one in this neighborhood is going to care they heard a gunshot.”

“No shit, so no one will give a crap when I shoot your ass,” Danny snarked.

“You would’ve already shot me if you had it in you.”  He was across the room in a blink of an eye. Danny screamed in pain as his hand was grabbed, the gun going off harmlessly into the mattress.  He struggled against the grip, only to have his fingers broken and throat grabbed, Sonny’s hand squeezing slowly taking away his air. “That’s your problem, don’t have the balls to kill a man in cold blood.”

“That’s because I’m not my father.”  He gasped, defiant all the way to the end.  “I’m not following you, and I’m sure as hell now letting you fuck me.  Might as well kill me, you son of a bitch!”

“Oh I plan on it.”

Danny was shoved down onto the bed, which gave him the leverage he needed to pull his legs up, and get his feet under him, pushing against Sonny. He dislodged him enough to wiggle out of his grasp and dive towards the end of the bed.  Danny threw an elbow back, breaking Sonny’s nose, with a triumphant smile he climbed off the bed back onto his feet.

“I’m sure as fuck not going to make this easy for you.”  

He made a dash towards the kitchen, grabbing the knife from the block, with his left hand, turning just in time to slash Sonny’s arm, he flipped it around and shoved it into his shoulder.  Danny watched in horror as Sonny pulled it out and tossed it to the ground. He rushed him, slamming him into the cabinets, then made a run for the door, when he was grabbed from behind spun around and slammed into the kitchen table, which broke under his weight.

“I like it when you fight me.”  Sonny put his foot on Danny’s chest holding him down. “But now it’s time to know who you belong to.”

“Fuck You.”  He snarled.

Sonny laughed as he straddled Danny.  “Just sit back, relax you’ll enjoy it.”  

Daniel Messer tensed ready to fight to his last breath, when he saw the fangs and the change in Sonny’s eyes.  For the first time since the bastard set foot in his apartment, he was afraid. His neck was grabbed, as his body was yanked up.  He felt a sharp pain in his neck, and he couldn’t help the scream in pain before everything went black.

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