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Afternoon Fic: Mac/Danny – Still Breathing (Coda)

Afternoon Fic: Mac/Danny – Still Breathing (Coda)

Part One

Part Twenty-Three

Author’s Note: This story will be edited, prepped and will be reposted during Advent, along with an Aesthetic and Video.

Thank you for reading. Hope everyone enjoyed the new storyline for Mac/Danny. I’ll be editing the bios in the next week, to reflect the changes.

New York: 2013

Hannibal rolled over and looked at the clock, it was two in the morning. The phone buzzed again, he swore this time harder.

“Answer it or I’m tossing it out the window.” Don grumbled as he rolled away from his Mate.

“It’s one of those new phones that the museum guy with the growly Mate gave me. I can toss it out the window, and it would likely just find its way back and knock on the door.” Hannibal muttered, grabbing the phone startled to see Godzilla’s face. “What the hell is Paul calling for?”

Don shifted slightly, in the years they had been Mated, he still hadn’t officially met the man. They had chatted a few times on the phone, mostly about Hannibal. Every year on the Anniversary of their Mating, a bouquet of condolences flowers show up on his desk, and it makes Don laugh each time. Even he had started taking pictures of random lizards and sending it to Paul, just to make him bitch at Hannibal.

“If he’s calling it’s important. The man doesn’t call on a whim.” Don sat up slightly worried.

“Hey.” Hannibal answered the phone as he stood from the bed, reaching for a pair of jeans that was draped across the chair, and yanked them on. He gave Don a soft smile then headed out of the bedroom, and down the stairs to the kitchen. “What’s up you never lose track of time zones.”


Hannibal stepped into the kitchen, pouring some water into the kettle. The kitchen was so much bigger than Don’s original, and he actually liked cooking in it, not that he was any good but it was fun. They had moved into the house a year after Mac and Danny moved to Miami. Mac not wanting to sell the house, let them use it. They didn’t pay rent, instead just kept up with the bills, property taxes and any needed repairs.  They finally had a place of their own. Hannibal had left the NYPD and became a private detective, and Don had just stopped giving a shit, besides it was legal in New York for gay couples to get married.

“Two what?” Hannibal asked, Paul had sounded beyond agitated, actually he had never heard him this flustered.

‘Mates. Two. As in more than one.’

“Holy Shit. Really?” He could just about see Paul’s incredulous look. “Okay so where did you meet them, and is it one of each?”

‘I can’t handle two.’

“You handled me for ten years, took on Chang, deal with M on a daily basis, this isn’t going to be a problem.” He really wished he was closer so he can help his friend in person. “Where are you?”

‘I’m in Scotland.’ There was a sound of him moving around. ‘I plan on not being in Scotland as soon as possible.’

“Paul I want you to calm down and just sit for a moment.” Hannibal knew he was freaking out, it was one of his biggest fears, how to handle a Mate and the fact he got two … well if it wasn’t such a serious situation Hannibal would’ve probably died of laughter by now. He heard a thunk, likely a bottle hitting a wooden table, and a chair sliding out. He finished fixing his own tea, wondering if he needed to add some alcohol to it. “Drinking helps.”

‘You are such an arse, why did I call you?’

“I’m assuming Charles isn’t home?” It had taken him a while to realize that Dr. Charles Evan had also been Turned at the same time as Paul, and he was sure the really hot doctor … he had seen those Instagram pictures … would be there for him.

‘He’s in Sanctuary studying sloths.’

“Oh my god those things are just so adorable! I mean you just want to pick them up and cuddle.”

‘I’m having a crisis here and you’re cooing over sloths?’

“They are adorable.” He sipped his own tea. “Start with the basics. One of each or two of a kind.”

‘Two of a kind, men.’

“Okay so this isn’t too bad. Unless their bad guys, then I’m calling Yasuke and we’ll kill them.” He settled into the couch, pulling his legs up under the blanket as it was a bit of a cold night.

‘They’re already Vampires. Not bad guys, as a matter of fact their both handsome.’

He knew that was hard for Paul to say, and the implications that went with it. “You find them attractive?”

‘I don’t know. The smaller one, David, literally landed in my arms. He was dressed like Mr. Darcy and …’

“Why was he dressed as Mr. Darcy?” Hannibal was trying hard to get a full picture of the situation.

There was a heavy sigh, and he was sure the second pouring of whatever alcohol Paul had found. ‘I was working a case, following a lead. It led me to The House, it’s basically the English equivalent of Lady Blossom’s Pleasure House. David is the Master of the House.’

“You’re Mate is a whore?”

‘I’m sure he prefers high class escort.’ Paul snarked back. ‘He owns the joint, come to find out, for centuries. His Mate … my other Mate. Is an American cowboy named Joshua who runs security for the place.’

“I knew you had a thing for me in my chaps!”

‘You know I’m going to hang up and call Dan, he’ll at least keep the mocking to a minimum.’ Paul snorted, actually trying not to laugh. ‘Seriously, what the fuck is my life. My Mates, two just to make it even more fucked up, work in the sex industry and I have no interest in sex, who the fuck did I piss off in another life?’

“This could be perfect for you. They can have sex and you don’t have to participate. And if this David is even close to how awesome Blossom is about sex, he’s going to understand you and your needs. Besides you can’t really run.”

‘Oh I can. I’m a Double-O with resources at my finger tips. I’ve got a bug out bag under my bed, and stashes around the world.’

“Do you have a bug out bag for the lizard?” He had to know, it was just so Paul …

‘Of course I do! I can’t leave her behind. She has an international passport, she’s the Queen of the Lizard Army after all.’

Hannibal slid down the couch laughing his ass off, feeling vindicated when he heard Paul’s laughter alongside his. He looked up to see Don standing in the entrance way, looking at him with a confused expression on his face.

“Paul. This is me being serious. The Mate thing is as awesome as everyone says it. Don’t run from it, because you’re afraid they won’t understand you. They will. These two will understand you in ways no one else will. You will connect with them, in ways I can’t describe. They won’t make you leave your job, or force you to give up your lizard … hell if they did I’m sure Blue would explain to them why that is bad.” He heard the snort, but he could tell Paul was listening. “Trust in the fact these two were made for you, as you were made for them. Fate decided you three belong to each other, and you will find that perfect balance.”

‘Wow that was deep for two in the morning.’ There was a pause. ‘But thank you.’

“If they are complete assholes, I’ll call all the lizards together and raid England.” Hannibal heard the chuckle. “Well that and along with Yasuke and Dan, oh and the tiny assassin…”

‘I’m going to go take a shower, and see what happens next. I’m sure my mother has already ratted me out.’

“Wait who’s your mother?” He sat up confused. “I mean you talk about James and Craig, I know the three of you were connected or are connected as brothers. Whose mom?”


“I know it’s mum in England … wait.” He paused for a moment, as what Paul said sunk into his brain. “M … as in M, who can rip your balls off by just staring at you … M?”


“Hell if they fuck with you just sick her on them.” Suddenly a lot about Paul, his connections at MI:6 made complete sense. “That is if she doesn’t rat you out for your own good… yeah she’s ratted you out, sorry about that bro.”

‘I don’t say this often, but thanks. You were one of the few who would’ve understood my side of this, and I appreciate it.’

“Let me know how it goes, and seriously if it goes bad … I’m there man.” He hung up the phone and tossed it onto coffee table. “Well that should be interesting.”

Don sat down next to him on the couch. “He’ll be fine. We were.”

“We should totally send him a congrats on your Mating bouquet, well after he Mates with them.” Hannibal snickered, as he grabbed his phone. “After I find out who these two are, and if they are worthy of my friend.”

“You are a very good friend.” Don settled onto the couch, resting his head in Hannibal’s lap, as he started cackling evilly. “Sometimes. Mostly.”


Paul walked down the stairs of The House, still getting used to the vastness of the estate. David and Joshua had gone to great lengths to making him feel at home. The extra bedroom for him to escape to was a blessing, and the Hideaway that Joshua was having built made him appreciate them both.

He paused at the round table that sat in the main entrance, staring at the large beautiful bouquet of flowers. It smelled amazing, and was exquisite. It wasn’t the typical flowers he had seen on the table, when he had shown up that fateful night six weeks ago, or the time he moved in. It was too over the top for David’s taste.

“That is not the flowers I ordered.” David stared at the elaborate decoration.

“Who the hell got married?” Joshua paused at floral display.

“Oh you fucking arsehole.” Paul shook his head, knowing exactly where they came from and from whom. The fact he found the address, showed Hannibal was listening to some of his spy lessons. “Check the card I’m sure it’s rude and obnoxious.”

David gave his newest Mate a look, but found a tiny card in the expected place. He opened it, frowned slightly, then handed it over to Joshua. “My congratulations to finally having sex – H.”

Paul swore his revenge.



    Thank you for a great story. I enjoyed it very much, with a perfect ending. Not knowing their TV story I came to like Charles, Paul and their mates very much. I so look forward to Advent.

    1. Nicolaus Meridius

      Actually Charles Evan isn’t from a show, he’s an original character based off a kind of celebrity vet. As for Paul his character was from an old movie and the only thing we grabbed from it, was him and that he worked for MI:6.

  2. jackbauerconnie

    I loved this fic! Danny and Mac are perfect together as is Hannibal and Don! Paul and his mates are something I’m looking forward to reading!
    Another excellent and enjoyable afternoon fic!
    Thank you, and take care! May real life give you a break and your bunnies sing sweetly in your ear!

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