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Tooth Fairy Day

Happy Tooth Fairy Day.

Couldn’t let the day go by without celebrating Tooth.

So anyone got some good Tooth Fairy stories?  Either from childhood or from your own children?

Scavanger Hunt Day

I’m sure many of you have seen the Getty Art Challenge, where people have recreate pieces of art from the Getty Collection.

I figured be fun to do something similar with Sylum, and when ‘Scavenger Hunt Day’ popped up – it was the perfect opportunity.

So the goals – look around your house or immediate area and find something Sylum related or reminds you of Sylum.  Could be something reminded you from one of the stories, or reminds you of a character … for ex: you have something in your home that is from Rome that reminds of you of Lealta or Nico.

Send me the picture with a description to – and I’ll put together a slide show for everyone to see.


Rescue Dog Day

*Wants to pet him*

It’s National Rescue Dog Day.  If you can foster or rescue a pet that’s great!  If can’t there are many charities one can donate to help.

*pets him*

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