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Character Introduction: Meriwether Lewis

cos-ben-stiller-pic-sm-image-2-657906903-300x200Tallikut Clan: Meriwether Lewis

Turn Date: 1803 AD

Sire: Thomas Jefferson

Mate: William Clark

Position: Spy Liaison


When we asked what more people would like to see on the Sylum Tumblr, one suggestion was Character Introductions.  Basically, who are some of these behind the scene characters that we don’t get more information on.

Thinking this was a great idea, we implemented it on Tumblr.  After a few successful posts, we decided to move this particular element to the blog, mainly since most of our audience isn’t on Tumblr.

As we are rebuilding the wiki, this opportunity to introduce new and old characters would be fun and informative.  (Note: we’re not showcasing all of these characters history – just enough to get your interested *smirks*)

So today we’re starting off with a character from Tallikut (Note: as I finished working on that clan a few weeks ago).


Meriwether Lewis is famous for being half of the Lewis & Clark Explorers.  Their mission was to explore the territory of the Louisiana Purchase, establish trade and claim the Pacific Northwest for the United States.

For Sylum – He’s a friend of Thomas Jefferson, who Turns him before they set out on the expedition.  Giving him a set of instructions he’s supposed to follow and information he’s supposed to gather.

It’s during the exploration that he would ended up Turning his Mate, and also their guide Sacawagea.

Historically Meriwether Lewis’ death is surrounded by controversy.  His death was labeled a suicide, many of his friends weren’t surprised by the statement.  The only problem was accounts of what happened do not coincide with a suicide.  One witness heard multiple shots fired and a struggle.  They found him slumped over his traveling chest, clutching his jacket.

It’s in these moments where Sylum twists facts, fiction, and rumors.

After Meriwether’s ‘death’, he had to leave the Louisiana area, and made his way up North to Tallikut, and waited for his Mate to join him.

Meriwether Lewis is Tallikut’s Spy Liaison.

What is a Spy Liaison?  He or she is the person who works with Lamont in the Vampire Council, keeping him informed of what is going on in their part of the world.

They will work with Hunters in their Clan to know what is going on throughout their territory.  Work with Liaison’s from other Clans to make sure that there is no hidden or surprise attack.

They work with the spies that no one knows about but Lamont, and usually have a few of their own (vampire and human).

Image: Ben Stiller

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