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Sylum Advent 2015: December 27th

Sylum Advent 2015: December 27th





Title: Hackers R Us

Author: Bj Jones

Sylum Timeline: Spring 2010

Author Note: This teaser is now considered Sylum Non-Canon as it Harold and John decided to change their storylines, with it everything around adjusted.


Corporal Jacob Jensen had known the moment the suits walked into the room, it wasn’t going to be good for him.

And as usually he was right.

They ‘escorted’ him off the base, into a black unmarked SUV, sometimes the stereotypes were too real. The next minute he knew he was locked in some dingy motel room that had seen better days in the Nixon era.

“Does my Commanding Officer know I’m here?” He doubted it.

Clay didn’t take to people stealing his team, let alone his Mate. He was even more protective after the whole situation with Max.

He knew that his relationship with Clay was moving slower than it was with Cougar, but despite those doubts he knew his Mate would do damage trying to find him.

And if that didn’t work he would let Carlos loose.

“He’s been informed of your new assignment, Corporal.”

“So that would be a no.”

They glared at him, but at least he wasn’t strapped to a chair with a light in his face asking for name, rank, and serial number.

The head ‘spook’ dropped a military style laptop in front of him. He looked at it, back at the goon, down at the laptop, back up … “And?”

“Hack it.”

“I’m not sure what you think I do. I’m just a Tech Specialist. I fix computers, not hack them.” He raised his hands, giving them the innocent wide eye look that never worked on Clay or Cougar.

“We know you work for Stark, and if he’s letting you use his tech, you’re the guy we want.” The agent smirked. “And Stark doesn’t work with geeks who only ‘fix computers’.”

Jake made a note to later blame Tony for this.

He opened the laptop and at first doesn’t see anything odd or unique enough that would make the US Government kidnap a ‘hacker’ and lock him in a hotel room.

Then he got through the login and settled onto the home screen.


This was a homemade laptop.

And it’s got some security goodies on it that makes Jensen drool in envy.

It was Geek heaven.

This made Jarvis…



He dug deeper into the computer and was stopped, blocked with every move he made. Almost as if it was countering him, learning what Jensen was doing and building walls and traps.

It was what Jarvis did to him while he beefed up his skills.

He sat back and stared at the laptop then back at the goon. “Where the hell did you get this?”

“If we told you we would have to kill you.” He smirked down at him.

Jensen swallowed.

This wasn’t going to end well for him.


Two weeks.

He had been locked up in the damn room.

Two weeks of Feeding off stray animals he found when they had let him outside, or the rare moment he fed on one of the goons who had fallen asleep. That particular goon wasn’t seen again, he was pretty sure there was a bullet in his head, body never to be found.

He could feel Clay and Cougars concern, fear, and anger. The last few days the Mates emotions had settled into the burn the world to the ground stage. It was only his own sense of calm assurance that likely had saved the world from burning.

A small part of him took joy in knowing Clay was as pissed as Cougar.

He tossed his glasses to the table, rubbed his face and now three day growth of beard. “I can’t do it.”

“What?” The head goon asked.

“I can’t get into this.” He put his glasses back on and gestured towards the laptop. “Anytime I get close to finding out anything I’m shut out and have to start over. Whoever designed this, designed it so guys like you can’t steal it.”

They glared at him, while he glared back.

The one glimpse he did get had been beautiful, elegant and almost alien. It was beyond anything he would ever be able to do, and the only reason he likely got as far as he did, was his work with Jarvis. Mainly because the coding he did see reminded him of Jarvis. Well if Jarvis had found a lady AI and got married and had a little Jarvis.

When he realized he wasn’t going to get anywhere within the machine, he wrote out in his own code, an apology of sort. ‘Don’t mean to intrude. But I have to say your beautiful and I wish I could get to know you.’

“There’s nothing you can give us.”


He sat back in the chair that he’d been sitting in for two weeks. His back ached, legs were numb, and he stopped feeling his ass about five days ago. He was tired, hungry, wanted his Mates, specifically wanted them to hurt the idiots, and was just done.

He knew full well his life was on the line here. He was a dead hacker whether he broke into it or not. He just hoped they didn’t chop his head off, cause that would suck.

“I’m pretty sure whatever this is…” He waves at the laptop. “… is way out of your league. I know you’re going to shoot me after this, so let me just say this. I’m good. I’m fucking good at what I do. And I can’t get in it. Hell at this moment I’m not even sure Stark could, though if you tried this routine on him, it won’t end well for you.”

Did he mention he was done?

Shoot him now, let his Mates find him, he can recoup have a vacation, and then hack his file to state he’s alive again. And if any goon comes looking for him, he’ll sick Cougar on him and wave his hand around ‘I’m not the Jacob Jensen you’re looking for’.

“Get him out of here.”

They covered his head with a black cloth. He rolled his eyes as they dragged him out of the room into the SUV. He listened carefully to follow the route, but there was little he could distinguish to indicate where he was located.

He was pulled out of the vehicle and dumped.

He waited until the sound of the SUV left, before ripping off the cloth, only to startle at a man standing in front of him. He cursed himself for not noticing the heartbeat. It was calm, steady – someone who didn’t get worked up when shooting someone in the head.

Jensen stared up at the man, he could tell he was ex-soldier, likely had been recruited from the military..

‘Kill him.’

“Something isn’t right.” His blue eyes were studying Jensen intently, as if looking for something.

‘John do you job, dump the body, all they need is some teeth.’

They continued to stare at each other.

Jensen saw the finger tighten on the trigger, he closed his eyes refusing to flinch as the gun went off.

“It’s done.” He clicked off the com and lowered his weapon. “You’re not a traitor.”

“How do you know?” Jensen asked calmly, wondering when he had gotten used to having a good pointed at his head.

“You’re a soldier.” He grabbed his arm and pulled the hacker up. “A soldier they decided was dispensable. Go.”

“Just like that, don’t they need proof?” Jacob asked not quite sure what the hell was going on.

“Want to give me your teeth?” The smile was unnerving.

“Won’t work.” Jensen shrugged. “Believe me it won’t work. Just tell him I fell into the lake. I’ll take care of my own records.”

He nodded. “Next time Corporal Jacob Jensen do not get involved.”

“I didn’t.” He gave him a smirk. “You know who I am, and you would be?”

“John.” And with that he turned and walked away.   Jensen watched him cross the open field, settling onto a motorcycle and took off down a small country road.



He turned to see Clay and Cougar rushing towards him. He fell into Cougar’s arms, exhausted and worn out. He felt Clay’s hand on his hair, soft French words in his ears. When Jacob shifted slightly, he saw Clay’s eyes glued on the small road where the operative had left.

“How did you find me?”

“Jarvis.” Cougar pulled him closer. “He’s been tracking you as best as he could. When a notice hit the local police that there was a body fitting your description he alerted us.”

“Where are we?”

“Outside New York.” Clay answered wrapping his arm around Jensen and Cougar. “Stark has a hotel room set up in the city, afterwards we’re going to Rome.”

“Why Rome?” He asked as they moved to a waiting SUV.

“Who in the right mind would take on Ernesto?” Cougar smirked.

“Best place we can hide you until we figure out what the hell is going on.” Clay checked out the surrounding area. His body tensed when he heard a car drive off. He hadn’t heard or seen anyone when they’d pulled up.

Whatever was going on, if they dared touch his Mate again. They would become acquainted with a certain set of skills that Clay hadn’t used in a long time.

~ 2016 ~

Jacob smiled as he watched Warrick lead Nick around the dance floor.

They looked happy.

Not that they weren’t in the first place, but marriage was agreeing with them. Well at least the first five hours of it.

He glanced over to see Clay talking with Javert, while Cougar and Ernesto had their heads together. He was relieved to see Kiernan heading in their direction.

He made his way to the dessert table, picking up a plate and grabbing a few items.

Jensen walked along the covered porch aiming for the front of the house, to get away from the noise. When he turned the corner, and ran into someone he yelped and jumped back. Only to yelp again and jumped further.


The man looked down at him, a small smile creeping onto his face. “Well that explains a few things.”

An older man with a limp walked up to his side. “Mr. Reese…” He paused and looked at Jensen. “Oh hello.”

“Who the hell are you?” He looked between them.

“John Reese.” He held out his hand. “You were a Vampire then?”

Jacob set his plate on the railing, wiped his hands on his pants, getting a groan from the shorter one and took John’s hand. “Yes.”

“I really should’ve shot you.” Reese smirked. “They discovered your hack into restating you were alive.” He then gave him a darker look. “And when they realized, I hadn’t killed you …”

He frowned. “Shit… what the hell was that?” He looked over at the other man. “And who are you?”

“Mr. Finch.” He answered, not offering his hand. “And that was my laptop, Count.”

Jacob looked between the two, wondering if his life was going to get even more complicated.






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