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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter


Yeah most wouldn’t think this would be any good.  And I admit that well I wasn’t that interested, but then I found the book on sale and said okay – its Civil War History and Vampires – two of my favorite things.

So I thought – lets give it a try.

And shocked as I was I actually enjoyed the book.  There was some moments of OMG Really?  And the author did insert himself into the story which had me rolling my eyes at the beginning.  And he pulled a Dan Brown by using ‘facts’ and real places/people to give the book a feel of reality instead of fantasy.  Cause hello Vampire Hunter!  But once you got into the story it kept you interested and intrigued to find out how all of this would play out through Lincoln’s life, the Civil War and his Presidency.

The ending made me *blink* and I won’t give it away for those who are still interested in reading it.

Now after reading it I was interested in seeing the movie.  Despite the giggling moments of every time Lincoln called his friend Speed – yes folks the character’s last name was Speed.  I giggled a lot.  The movie was very good – had some really dramatic scenes, some headdesking moments, and there are still a OMG Seriously moments.

Overall – worth the read and worth seeing the movie.

There are some major differences between the book/movie with all adaptations – but both still hold their own.

As for Sylum if you’ve read ‘Under the Oak Tree’ you will know how this will play into the series. But I’ll leave you with an image – so you can speculate of things to come.

PS: The music – very inspiring.

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