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 Sylum ClanMemberName: Richard John GraysonTurn Date: 2003 ADMate/Sire: Ras Al Ghul
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Name: Richard John Grayson
Turn Date: 2003 AD
Mate/Sire: Ras Al Ghul

Works as CEO at Wayne Studios; part time Producer.


Human Life

Dick Grayson has family ties to the US and the UK. His great-great grandfather was Daniel Evans, and after his alleged death, his wife took her two sons back to her family in Wales, going back to her maiden name of Grayson. Over a century later, John Grayson was inspired and traveled to the US to become an actor. He met Bruce Wayne while working on a variety of films and the two became friends, to the point that when John's only son was born he asked Bruce to be his godfather.

The moment Bruce held the infant Dick he knew that he was his Mate. He kept tabs on Dick, making sure he was okay, but let him live his life.

When Dick was a child, his parents divorced; he was left in Wales with his mother and two sisters and his father moved to Los Angeles to continue his career in acting. When he was 14, he fled Wales and moved in with his father. Two years later his father was killed in a house fire. After a lengthy custody battle, the courts decided that Dick would be better off under Bruce's guardianship.

Discovering Bruce's true nature, Dick demanded to be trained to defend himself, especially after realizing that he was Bruce's Mate. Dick was trained in Martial Arts and Swordsmanship and kept up his studies all the way into college.

Dick attended Stanford University, graduating with a MA in Business. Though focused on his education, he had two close friends that would shape his life. Jack Napier was his roommate and at one time a lover. The two remained friends and kept in contact until Jack was recruited into a pharmaceutical company a few years after he graduated. The other friend, Rachel Dawes, who he had been friends with since he had moved into Wayne Manor.

After graduating and taking his place at Wayne Studios, Dick expected to be approached by Bruce, but after five years of waiting, the young man took matters into his own hands, claiming Bruce as his.

Vampire Life

Turned at thirty, Dick settled easily into his life as CEO at Wayne Studios. His bad boy reputation kept the media off his and Bruce's relationship. Many times the media had shown him with a beautiful woman on his arm or Rachel.

It wasn't until 2005, when he was photographed in the lap of a man that his relationship with Bruce had come out. They weathered the controversy finding more friends than they realized.

Though Dick has stayed mostly out of Bruce's business when it comes to the Clans, he helps out on occasion. He orchestrated a film shoot to cover up the fact Rogues had sent a train into Union Station set to explode.

When Rachel announced she was engaged to LA District Attorney, Dick couldn't have been happier. When he discovered he was cheating on her, every penny he spent to destroy the man was worth it.

He was pissed when he discovered that his Mate left him behind when he went searching for Rachel, when she disappeared on a studio trip. He was thankful when Bruce returned her to him, though demanded explanations of what happened and why she had been Turned.

Vampire Children


Personal Information




Misc: Returning to Wales for a visit, he claimed the family Bible that had come from William Evans; it still holds a drawing of Ben Wade.

Past Life

  • Djeserit

Fandom: Batman Series

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