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 Sylum ClanMemberName: David StarskyTurn Date: 1978 ADMate/Sire: Kenneth Hutchinson
Sylum Clan

Name: David Starsky
Turn Date: 1978 AD
Mate/Sire: Kenneth Hutchinson

David is just starting back in a career as a Homicide Detective in Brooklyn, New York.


Human Life

David was born in 1950, to Matthew and Leslie Starsky. His father was a World War II vet, his mother worked in the factories during the war. He grew up in Brooklyn, New York wanting to follow in his dad's footsteps. When he was eighteen he joined the Army, and was promptly shipped to Vietnam.

Once he returned home for the war, he set out to find something he could do that would help others. He had too many nightmares from the war of only death and destruction. His father mentioned joining the police force.

David easily made his way through the Police Academy. He moved up the rankings fast, become Detective in a few short years. When a case went south, and his partner was killed by a corrupt cop, David new he needed to leave the East Coast.

He joined the LAPD and soon was partnered with Kenneth Hutchinson.

The two men synced on contact. They trusted each other, and their solve rate was one of the best in the department.

There personalities seemed opposite and at times Ken's serious attitude usually annoyed David, and he would clown around and act out just to get a rile out of him. But the two matched each other perfectly.

David always had a feeling there was something Kenneth wasn't telling him. It all came to light when they were called to a scene and Hutch was shot. Starskey was beside himself in grief when he felt his friend die in his arms.

Only to discover that Kenneth was already dead, had been for thirty years. The two argued then David demanded the truth. All of it.

Kenneth had nothing left but to tell him about the world of Vampires and the fact David Starskey was his Mate.

David took some time to take all the information in, even went home to Brooklyn to talk with his father, having lost his mother two years before. He decided to tell him everything, he had never seen fit to lie to his father.

Matthew Starskey told him if he had a chance at happiness then to take it. His family, friends, everyone had told him not to marry Leslie she was not a proper wife and mother. He did it anyways, and never regretted it. He admitted he didn't understand how David could be with Kenneth, but he understood that someone was there for his son.

David returned to Los Angeles and asked to be Turned.

Vampire Life

David and Kenneth didn't Bond right away. Both men set out to court the other. Which lead to some hilarious and emotional memories. They figured out a relationship between them and soon Bonded.

They stayed working in Los Angeles, making friends with the local Vampires. Kenneth took David to meet Nicolaus Valerius Meridius and after a few meetings and talks, David swore his loyalty. It was at the Manor that David finally got to meet James West the two became friends instantly. Much to Artemus Gordon and Kenneth's dismay.

David did take Kenneth to meet his father, and though his father was hesitant, he shook Kenneth's hand and asked him to take care of his son. A year later on his death bed, he told his only son, that he was proud of who he had become and the man he had chosen to spend his life with.

Kenneth helped him through his mourning, and one day David is pretty sure he'll see his dad again.

As years went by the two moved up the ranks in the LAPD, both retiring in the 1990's. Kenneth as Deputy Chief of Police and David as Chief of Detectives.

David Starskey died in December 2006. He had decided to retire, when he had heard about the fate of his Clan Leader. Kenneth followed soon after, and the two not able to sit still, decided to get back into law enforcement, this time moving to Brooklyn.

Vampire Children


Personal Information



Vehicles: Still has his Ford Gran Torino, and keeps it in fine condition.


Past Life

  • No Past Life

Fandom: Starsky and Hutch

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